Shipping and Returns

Christmas Closures

All orders placed by December 18th will be despatched by December 20th. 

Delays are then expected until January 6th, when normal services will resume.


When ordering within the EU, your order will be shipped from the Netherlands. All other orders will be shipped from the UK.



  • UK (excluding Ireland) / 10 - 15 working days / Flat rate 7 GBP
  • Ireland / 10 -15 working days / Flat rate 12 GBP
  • Central, South, West Europe, and Scandinavia / 5 -7 working days / Flat Rate 15 GBP
  • South East, Eastern Europe and the Middle East / 5 -7 working days / Flat Rate 30 GBP
        You can see a full list of countries we do not ship to over on our FAQs page. 



        If you have ordered and realise you have the wrong size/product, you will need to return it within 10 working days at your own cost.Please make another Order for the correct product and once we receive your return, we will refund you for the original PRODUCT COST.


        First, email the return details to including:

        • Order number
        • Products being returned
        • Return tracking details


        Then if you're outside of the EU, please send your return to:

        Returns – The Better Packaging Co(StoreShip)

        Chelsea House

        Chelsea Street


        NG7 7HP

        United Kingdom

        08450 94 84 14


        If you're inside the EU, please send your return to:

        Returns – The Better Packaging Co

        (Tigers International Logistics BV)

        Schaapherderweg 24

        2988CK Ridderkerk

        The Netherlands

        31 180 209 999


        Where are we shipping to?

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